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Top Hiking Trails In South Florida

Now that summer is officially here, it's a great time to get outdoors. What better way to enjoy the outdoors than hiking? From amazing views to beautiful plants and even larger than life wildlife, South Florida is a great place to hike and really get in touch with nature. These five parks offer some of the best hiking trails in South Florida.
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Everglades National Park

Easily one of the most well-known outdoor parks in South Florida and due to its massive size, the Everglades is able to offer an abundance of hiking trails. From Pine Island to Shark Valley and many more, each trail has varying degrees of difficulties, but all provide an up-close encounter with nature. In fact, there is a chance that you will see some rare endangered wildlife and plant life while in the park. Click here for more information on each of the trails. Be sure to visit the park's website for additional information and directions.

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Oleta River State Park

Located near North Miami Beach, this park and its trails are easily accessible to all South Florida residents and visitors and makes for a nice escape within the city. While the trails are often known for bicycling they are also still great hiking trails, especially through the mangrove forests. The trails allow for viewing of a variety of native plants and wildlife. Click here for additional details on this park, directions and other available activities.

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Secret Woods Nature Center

This venue boasts 57 acres of wilderness that provide a great place for hiking. From views of New River to mangroves, there is a little something for all hiking and nature enthusiasts. While not a hiking trail per say, do not forget to take the paths on Butterfly Island to immerse oneself with over 20 different species of butterflies. While there, you can check out the public art and informational butterfly displays to learn more about the species that flutter around you during your hike. Click here for more information on the park and its trails.

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Flamingo Gardens

Whether walking through the botanical gardens or the wildlife sanctuary, this is a great place for nature hikes. The botanical gardens showcase over 3,000 different species of plants, and the wildlife sanctuary is home to the largest collection of Florida native wildlife. Head over to their website for more information. Don't forget to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

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Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Par

The hiking trails at this park are located on the west side. There is a trail through the mangrove wetlands and another coastal one. Each provides a fun walk through nature. Don't miss all the other activities also available at this great park, including the Cape Florida Lighthouse, which is one of the oldest structures in South Florida. Check out their website for more details and information on the park and it's trails.

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Suzy Fielders is a working mom of a spirited 9 year old daughter. She has an MA in Communication Studies and BA in Psychology and Communications. She works in marketing/public relations, is a freelance writer and is very involved in the Winston-Salem community and arts & films scene.

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