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Top Barbecue In South Florida

Every culture has a genre of cuisine similar to the very American style of barbecuing. The ability to eat without using any form of etiquette and simply grabbing the food and eating it brings a smile to all faces. Not only are there meats but also carbohydrate-rich side dishes like cornbread and macaroni and cheese that tempt all. These five South Florida barbecue offer great food and more.
(Source: Blue Martini)

Sparky's Roadside Barbecue

204 N.E. 1st St.
Miami, FL 33132
(305) 377-2877

In the heart of Downtown Miami is Sparky's: an honest-to-goodness barbecue restaurant that offers its customers an array of tasty dishes. Sparky's asks customers through its motto to slow down and enjoy life with its menu offerings. Get started with fried pickles and ranch dressing before eating a chopped duck sandwich with grilled onions. Or go for Tyler's pressed sandwich (pulled pork, beef brisket, American cheese, sauteed onions and BBQ sauce) before moving on to a plate of grilled dolphin with collard greens and sweet potato mash.

(Source: Playwright Irish Pub)

T&W Subs & BBQ

18683 S. Dixie Highway
Cutler Bay, FL 33157
(305) 235-8708

Go with an appetite and time to savor the food at T&W Subs. The service is friendly and the food coaxes anyone to sit and drink a microbrew beer, watch sports and talk about different topics of the day. Two different types of food categories like subs and barbecue may give someone pause, wondering if the business is good at one more than the other. But T&W is above average at both menu items. Eat fried corn and mac n' cheese along with a plate of pulled pork and/or beef brisket while your companion, if so inclined, wishes to eat a sub.

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(Source: Blue Martini)

Sushi Cafe & Shilla Korean BBQ

7917 N.W. 2nd St.
Miami, FL 33126
(305) 261-4266

The trend of Korean barbecue started in Southern California and has quickly caught on as a delicacy, so this establishment must be mentioned as a top barbecue place to attend. Sushi Cafe & Shilla Korean BBQ offers a Japanese menu and a Korean menu (based on the differing preparation of both cuisines). The customers who wish to eat Korean BBQ sit at a grill station where they eat succulent beef prepared with delicious marinades like soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic and Korean chili powder.

Tom Jenkins

Tom Jenkins B-B-Q

1236 S. Federal Highway
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316
(954) 522-5046

Broward County has many attractions and Tom Jenkins is one of them, receiving high praise as one of 500 best places to eat by the Great Florida Restaurant Guide. It is an African-American-owned restaurant recognized in 2004 by the publication Rhythm magazine, and the Broward New Times rated it a great place to eat lunch. After all of the praise, there is only one thing to do: get in the car and order as much as one can on the menu.

(Source: Van Dyke Cafe)

Blue Willy's Barbecue

1386 S. Federal Highway
Pompano Beach, FL 33062
(954) 224-6120

Blue Willy's Barbecue began as a food truck similar to Tom Jenkins BBQ and has distinguished itself at its brick and mortar location. The food is served on a tray and the meats are grilled perfectly and juicy to allow a customer to begin eating with their eyes. The parking is difficult so patrons need to "get in where they fit in" and walk over because the experience is worth it.

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