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'Parents beware,' police warn about latest Tik Tok 'Flash Challenge'

Miami police issue warning over new TikTok "Flash" challenge
Miami police issue warning over new TikTok "Flash" challenge 01:51

MIAMI - Miami Police recorded a podcast warning for parents. Officers think a social media trend could hurt children for years to come.

It is called the "Closet Challenge" or "Flash Challenge," officers Nicholas Perez and Rafael Horta said in their podcast released Thursday.

"It's so new they have different names for it," the officers said in their podcast.  "Usually typically females are flashing their chest to the camera in conspicuous ways through a reflection of a TV, through a reflection of a spoon.  The way they're doing it is like they're defeating the algorithm so they're showing nudity but they're doing it in a way, you look at a reflection and through the reflection, you can see them flashing their chest."

Jacqueline Escobar of Miami has five children.

"It's very disturbing," she said.  "It makes you wonder like what's going through their minds? Where are they seeing these things?  Social media's a very influential place."

Quan Black has a five-year-old daughter and is concerned about where the trend may lead.

"The internet exposes our youngest to so much and it will hurt," he said.  "We've got to watch our kids."

Five years ago, children chasing internet fame swallowed toxic laundry detergent as part of the so-called "Tide Pod Challenge."  Dozens poisoned themselves.

In the trend highlighted by Miami Police, some of the girls exposing their chests are underage and officers worry about permanent damage.

"You just click on the corner share and it says download to your device," the officers said on the podcast.  "So, it's very easy to access and so somebody could have that pretty much for the rest of their lives.  You make a little choice when you're younger and then for the rest of your life that content is out there and you have to live with it out on the web."

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