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Tie-Less Paul Ryan Sparks Fashion Debate

MIAMI (CBS4) - Tongues were wagging when Congressman Paul Ryan made his entrance as the Republican Party's Vice Presidential nominee this past Saturday, and it wasn't just about his conservative reputation.

For many, it was about his unconservative choice of not wearing a tie.

"I think the visual was bad that Mr. Ryan was not wearing a coat and tie," commented CNN Political Analyst James Carville on the network recently.

To really twist the tie  debate, during an exclusive interview on CBS Sunday evening anchor Bob Schieffer, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan all went sans tie.

So the question is: to tie? Or not to tie?

"You don't need to wear a tie anymore," said Fashion Guru Katharine Rubino from Neiman Marcus at Merrick Park.

Rubino said in the year 2012, most times, the so-called "tie rule" no longer applies.

"A tie is never going away, it's a classic but today men don't HAVE to wear a tie," she said,

Rubino showed CBS4's Lisa Petrillo a few styles that she says still gives a man a dressy look without a tie. First let the pocket square replace it.

"I think what the pocket square does is it adds a pop of color, it adds personality to the look," said Rubino.

Another tie-less option?  Replace it with a dress shirt and a turtle neck underneath a tailored jacket. For the ultimate daring dude:  go tie-less to a black tie event!

The men we talked to had mixed opinions about whether "to tie one on" or not .

"I don't wear one anymore," said one shopper.  "I'm a lawyer. I only wear a tie when i go to court and that's once a month"

"I would prefer to see a tie, I think it's more professional," said another shopper.


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