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Thousands apply as Hialeah launches Section 8 Housing voucher program

Hundreds apply for Section 8 Housing vourches in Hialeah
Hundreds apply for Section 8 Housing vourches in Hialeah 03:31

MIAMI - Almost 5,000 applications were received in Hialeah Monday from folks applying for the opportunity to get one of one thousand Section 8 Housing vouchers. 

People are still encouraged to apply online as the order for applying is not relevant. Meaning, people can apply any day, the availability is not determined by who comes first.

"I'm blessed that I'm able to apply and hopefully qualify for the housing assistance," said Amanda Davila a single mother who showed up to the John F. Kennedy Library located at 190 W. 49th Street, in Hialeah. 

The library is the place where the Hialeah Housing Authority said those without computer access could show up for help. 

Davila said, "I have three children and I need help."  Just like her hundreds, she arrived in the wee hours to sign up for the voucher program which will continue taking applications until April 29th. 

"Right now, we have 5,200 people waiting to apply and the system cannot allow that many people at one time," said Julio Ponce, the Executive Director of Hialeah Housing Authority. 

Ponce confirmed the system was slow because of the amount of people applying from their houses and at the library. 

"We have a huge, huge crisis on housing needs," said Ponce, acknowledging that the problem is not only limited inventory of affordable housing but also high prices people cannot afford.  

"There will be a lottery and we'll select a thousand people from that we will give preference to the elderly, the homeless and the disabled. You get a voucher and it's up to you to go out and look for the apartment.  We pay approximately 70% of the rent based on your income, you (person applying for the voucher) will pay approximately 30% of that money," said Ponce. 

Income has a lot to do with who qualifies.  Here's the chart that determines the maximum income by one person, up to a family of six.  

                                                                    VOUCHER PROGRAM SITE PLAN 8

                       NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN HOUSEHOLD                                    VERY LOW INCOME

1                                                                                                                       $39,750

2                                                                                                                       $45,400

3                                                                                                                       $51,050

4                                                                                                                       $56,750

5                                                                                                                       $61,300

6                                                                                                                       $65,850

The Hialeah Section 8 voucher program is still open.  Those who do not have access to a computer or internet and wish to go to the John F. Kennedy Library, have until Friday April 26th to do it.  

Hialeah will continue taking applications online until 11:59 pm of April 29th.   

In approximately four weeks they will announce who are the 1,000 chosen ones, meanwhile, those who have not applied are still on time to do it.  

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