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"Thor: Ragnarok" Star Calls It Funniest Marvel Movie Yet

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) - From Marvel Studios comes "Thor: Ragnarok," the God of Thunder's exciting new adventure filled with action, laughs, drama, and spectacle.

In this story Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, is imprisoned on the other side of the universe without his mighty hammer and it's a race against time to get back and stop the destruction of his homeworld.

Actor Karl Urban, well known for his role as Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy in the Star Trek films and also in Lord of the Rings, plays Skurge - a soldier obsessed with weapons from other worlds. CBS 4's Lisa Petrillo asked Urban why he always ends up in space.

"It's space movies. Space movies are fun. This one is a good one. It's not only a space movie but it has superheroes, it has supervillains, shady types and some kick butt guardians. What more could you want," Urban said.

The minute Karl arrived on set, he got a surprise. Director Taika Waititi cut off all his hair. Petrillo asked if it was emotionally painful.

"No. I actually enjoyed it. He actually stopped directing the film to come out and personally shave my head. But obviously, I have to say he was envious of my hair," he said with a laugh. "I was nervous it wasn't going to grow back."

"Well it did," said Petrillo.

"Thankfully," he laughed.

"Thor: Ragnarok" has an all-star cast including Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchette, Jeff Goldblum, Anthony Hopkins and Idris Elba.

"There are some studs in this movie. Chris, you, Goldblum," said Petrillo.

"Those are your words," quipped Urban. "I mean that is a great combination of different type of characters. It was amazing".

Urban reflected why he thinks Marvel's films have such appeal to audiences.

"Quite simply I think its character and humor and I think they have the balance wonderfully well. Also, these ensembles are like a family. This film is hilarious. In my opinion, this film is the funniest Marvel movie to date," he said.

Next up for Urban is a total change of pace. He's doing a new film with Sophia Vergara and Andy Garcia called Bent.

"It's a fun film, noir film. I can't wait for you guys to see it," he said.

"Thor: Ragnarok" is in theaters now.


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