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Thieves Target Sub Shop In Sunrise Three Times

SUNRISE (CBSMiami) – The owner of a sandwich shop said his store has been burglarized several times in the last few months—and he's fed up.

A thief was captured on surveillance stealing from the Firehouse Subs on Weston Road in Sunrise.

"They did it all in a flash and in disguise, wearing hoodies," said the Shop Owner John Nudel.

Nudel said his store has been hit several times in the last few months, including on Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and Monday morning.

To date, the thieves have stolen $800 from a safe and about $150 from the store's charity collection container.

"I want to scream for the third time in six weeks," said Nudel.

Each time the thief (or thieves) break-in either through a glass door that's already been repaired or through the window, the owner says they leave several hundred dollars' worth of damage behind.

"The first two times it was the glass doors, this time it was a glass window," said Nudel.

The window, Nudel said, is about $550 to replace and the doors cost $400 each.

While Nudel's customers say they feel bad for him, he says it's not sympathy he wants—it's peace of mind.

"It's [been] a lot of worrying and stress monetary stress, mental stress," said Nudel.

Anyone with information about the burglaries is asked to call Sunrise Police.


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