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The Inn Field Bar & Grill in Sunrise a Florida Panthers' fan-favorite

Local bar, a favorite for Florida Panthers fans
Local bar, a favorite for Florida Panthers fans 03:16

MIAMI - The Florida Panthers are looking to return to the Eastern Conference Finals in back-to-back seasons.

They need one more win versus the Boston Bruins and Game 5 is Tuesday evening in Sunrise.

One local business is showing plenty of fan support for the Cats.

"These are some sticks that we got over the years."

Just a stone's throw away from Amerant Bank Arena is a small local bar that's becoming a favorite for Panther fans to eat, drink and watch their favorite hockey team. 

Lisa Spreckelsen and her mom, Debbie Rosamelia have been the owners of the The Inn Field Bar & Grill since 2017.

"Oh my God, we get so busy. And people get so crazy yelling at the TV and so forth. And just cheering and everyone's so happy when we win. But then when we don't win, we know our team. And we know we're gonna make it," says Lisa.

The walls are littered with memorabilia, some stuff you can only find here.

"This is a real net from the stadium, hence why it's kind of dirty."

As it turns out, Panther employees have made this a popular watering hole.

"In the beginning, we used to just get basically the security guards that will come over. And then the writers found out about it. And they started coming and then other employees from any anywhere housekeeping, the Zamboni drivers, the operations directors I mean a lot of different people started coming in. And we just grew."

Panthers hockey has become a family affair for Lisa and Debbie. You'll oftentimes see them in the stands when they aren't pouring drinks. But the Panthers were also there for them during the pandemic, Lisa was able to get a job at the arena as a way to get her employees more shifts at the bar.

"We made it on the skin of our teeth. And so she said I gotta do something. I can't just keep working and my employees. I mean, they need to get back to work. She's just that kind of person. She really is. And it worked out pretty well. Yeah. And it did. You know, they always say that when you do something good. It comes back tenfold."

And when Lisa comes back from the bar after a win, may be her favorite part of game days.

"Yeah, definitely after the game because I come in, the fans come in and they're here. And then of course, if we win when I come in, they're like screaming my name like as if I won. It's the best."

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