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The Dance Of Love At The Miami City Ballet

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Valentine's Day means different things to different couples.

For the couples who perform with the Miami City Ballet, it means they'll spend their day paired together at home and on the stage.

Miami City Ballet principal dancer Isanusi Garcia-Rodriguez and dancer Christie Sciturro plan to celebrate a successful relationship on and off the stage.

"We met here at the ballet four years ago," said Sciturro. "When we go home, we let work be work and our personal life is our personal life."

Garcia-Rodriguez and Sciturro are not the company's only happy couple.

"The chemistry came from dance," said principal dancer Jennifer Kronenberg.

Kronenberg and her husband Carlos Guerra, also a principal dancer, have been married for five and a half years.

"He's my favorite partner of choice regardless of the arguments," said Kronenberg.

"We were friends for a really long time and then we just clicked," said said dancer Callie Manning as she watched her husband/dancer Didier Bramaz at work.

They met in between their plies and pirouettes 13 years ago.

"I love it. Honestly, I don't think I could work or live without him. We spend every minute of every day together," said Manning.

And what's it like to spend all day and night with your partner.  Nathalia Arja said it's been a blessing to have her boyfriend Andrei Chagas by her side.

"We have the same language – ballet. We can talk about it and he can help me because he's a dancer too," said Arja.

Arja said Chagas danced his way in her heart and sometimes it seems like Valentine's Day is every day for the happy couple.


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