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Thasos Brings Greek Chic To Ft. Lauderdale

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) - "Thasos," named after the the Greek Island, is a 260 seat restaurant embracing the spirit and sophistication of the Greek Islands. Call it Greek Chic.

Sophia Mylona and her husband opened the restaurant off Oakland Park Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale five months ago. The idea was to create a refined eatery with authentic and amazing Greek dishes.

"We have a designer from Greece do all the interiors so we try to transport you to Mykonos or Santorini as much as we can, with a little twist," said Sophia.

When it comes to the food, Chef Brian Cantrell is at the helm; happy his bosses want only the best.

"We get our olive oil from the island of Thasos, our vinegar and our oregano flown in from Thasos," Brian said while seasoning fresh octopus.

"We try to stay as true as we can," explained Sophia, "People think we are insane because we get oregano mailed to us. We do this because the flavor is different, it grows in the in the wild in the mountains right in Thasos."

Chef Brian's octopus appetizer is gently poached, then perfectly charred with Thasos oregano and oil.

"I'm in Greece, somewhere on an island. I see water," said CBS4's Lisa Petrillo as she tasted it.

Classic lamb-chops served with grilled potatoes, hits the mark, as does the Mediterranean Sea bass, grilled over oak.

You won't find people dancing on tables or plates being broken, but what you will find is a fun, divine dining experience that you say. "Stiniyia mas!" (which means Good Health!)


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