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Teacher Faces Dismissal Over 'Cone Of Shame'

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - A high school science teacher faces dismissal after she reportedly used a dog collar to tame unruly students in her classroom.

Laurie Bailey-Cutkomp, 47, got the 'cone of shame' idea from the 2009 animated film, "Up".  She showed her students the film on the Friday before Spring Break started and the Monday after it ended,  The showing of the movie, however was not part of her lesson plans which has created more problems.

Pasco County Superintendent, Heather Fiorentino has recommended firing Bailey-Cutkomp for putting the dog collar on at least eight of her ninth graders.

"I am stunned that you would put dog collars on students for any reason," Fiorentino said in a letter to Bailey-Cutkomp.

Facebook photos posted by students in the class were the reason parents were able to tip-off Zephyrhills High School administrators. Ironically, the board has struggled for months to craft a policy that controls unauthorized use of photos and videos taken in school.

Bailey-Cutkomp, who is accused of violating district and state ethics rules, has requested a hearing before the School Board to appeal the superintendent's decision. A date has not been set. She is no longer in the classroom while awaiting the hearing.

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