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Taste Of The Town: Fox's Lounge reopens its doors after 7-year hiatus

Taste of the Town: Fox's Lounge serves up real love and nostalgia for its loyal fans.
Taste of the Town: Fox's Lounge serves up real love and nostalgia for its loyal fans. 03:05

MIAMI - After almost seven years of being closed, the beloved dive bar and restaurant known as Fox's Lounge has just reopened its doors. 

The iconic South Miami spot that was dubbed the  "Darkest Bar In Miami" for 69 years, is serving up some real love and nostalgia for its loyal fans.

What's old is *old* again inside the legendary restaurant and bar that first opened its doors in 1946. 

They closed back in 2016 and now Randy Alonso and his hospitality group Lost Boy & Co., are the 4th owners, who took on the relaunch challenge with gusto.

"We got to rebuild the lounge as it was. We studied photos, Google Maps, old photography. We talked to all the regulars and basically, that's the recreation of the space," said Alonso.

It's brand new, 'old-wood paneling',  and they recreated the white and black tile floors and even the old paintings.

"We had artists curated to re-create the famous one that's right behind you which was the airplane painting," he explained.

That recreated painting was from the last owner George Anders who was an Eastern Airlines pilot. 

The old jukebox plays 45's in the background. 

Fox lounge fans are piling in.

"I don't think we really realized until we finally opened really what this meant to so many different people," Alonso explained. 

To see everyone that came to visit when we opened whether they're 20 or 80 they have some sort of story."

While CBS4's Lisa Petrillo and Randy Alonso sample Fox's signature dry gin martini's at the bar, Petrillo couldn't help but notice a gentleman doing the same.

Mike Seward chose his old haunting ground to celebrate a  momentous day in his life. 

He was so excited Petrillo could barely get the microphone on him.

"It's a special moment for me. I finished my 40-year career as a lawyer today my last court appearance," Seward said.

"I just wanted to check it out. The martini is still the same. "

Seward met the mother of his daughter here 26 years ago.

"So we're coming here Friday the three of us. It's been so long. It's like a reunion. You can't believe it," he said.

Petrillo and Alonso sample some of those nostalgic Fox favorites Mike Seward and other guests remember, like the soothing and delicious French Onion Soup and their elegant French Dip Sandwich with au jus and horseradish sauce.

"The meat is just and tender and easy to the bite. It's a great bar food lunch or dinner cocktails or not. It's excellent," said Petrillo.

They end on their famous Thumb Bits, which is filet mignon sitting on crunchy garlic toast.

"It's a great bar snack," said Alonso.

"I was thinking these are going to be dry. It's medium rare on the inside. It's fancy bar food," said Petrillo.

"It's a fancy place!" said Alonso.

Fox's Lounge is every day for lunch and dinner and late at night from 11 pm to 2 am.  

For more information, visit their website here. 

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