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Sweetwater Cop Busted: "The Crack Is Not For Me, It's For My Wife"

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - A Sweetwater cop found himself on the wrong side after he reportedly bought a bag of crack from a sidewalk dealer.

Police were conducting surveillance in an area known for drug activity Thursday when they noticed a man in white Chevy Malibu stop on the side of the road at 188 Street and 114th Avenue and talk with a woman who was standing on the sidewalk.

The man, later identified as 25-year old Christopher Heredia, then drove off and pulled into the parking lot a Walgreens at Quail Roost Drive and SW 114th Avenue. He then went back to where the woman was.

Heredia then hand her some cash and she handed him a bag with crack cocaine in it, according to his arrest report.

Heredia then drove off. Police pulled him over Quail Roost and SW 113th Avenue. When an officer walked up to the car, he reportedly noticed Heredia making movements as if he was trying to hide something.

Heredia told the officer he was a cop. When asked if he was currently working, Heredia replied 'no'. The officer noted in the report that Heredia's hands were trembling, he appeared nervous and he began to stutter.

Arriving officers found the baggie containing the crack on the driver's side floor. A search of the car turned up drug paraphernalia and three Xanax pills.

At some point during the search, Heredia blurted out "The crack is not for me, it's for my wife."

Officers on the scene advised him to be quiet.

Heredia was charged with purchase of cocaine, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The woman he met on the sidewalk, 37-year old Tina Schofield, who was also arrest and charged with sale of cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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