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Sweet Liberty brings New Orleans-style brunch to South Florida

Sweet Liberty brings New Orleans-style brunch to Miami Beach
Sweet Liberty brings New Orleans-style brunch to Miami Beach 03:19

MIAMI — Chef Michelle Bernstein thrives at Sweet Liberty on Miami Beach, where she's concocting her latest New Orleans-style brunch menu at this beloved bar and restaurant.

Balancing numerous restaurant ventures alongside her husband and business partner David Martinez, Michelle and her team have a clear goal, as evidenced by the giant neon sign proclaiming "Pursue Happiness."

"Pursue happiness is our everything, everything in life," Bernstein said. "We all live to pursue happiness."

Bernstein, fondly known as Chef Michy, is a Miami native and a culinary innovator, infusing vibrant Latin flavors with exceptional ingredients.

"It's so important to remember where you come from, why you're here, and the people who live here. It's all part of it," Bernstein said. "There's not just one kind of person or flavor. We're a melting pot and we embrace it all."

Sweet Liberty is renowned for its award-winning creative cocktails like the Hurricane, a delightful mix of rum and fresh fruit juice.

"I can already feel the wind in my hair," joked CBS News Miami's Lisa Petrillo, after tasting it.

Their food is delicious, an all-American style in a fun and funky setting.

"This is a neighborhood spot where you come in, enjoy great music, and make friends with whoever sits next to you," a patron shared.

Our tasting began with the classic Sweet Liberty Burger, featuring double patties, onion rings, house-made pickles, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, fried onions, and a special sauce, served with skinny, crunchy fries.

"The crunch, the homemade pickles, the perfectly cooked meat, it's an incredible burger. Don't skip the fries," Petrillo advised.

Next up, the New Orleans-inspired Banana Foster Pancakes that are drizzled with rum, banana creme anglaise, and topped with candied pecans.

"That's a dessert pancake, bar none," Petrillo said. "It just so much going on and it is just awesome." 

And finally, the Big Easy Eggs Benedict with creamy grits and andouille sausage, offering a taste of New Orleans with a subtle kick.

"Yeah, there's a little kick, but ever so slightly," Petrillo said. "This is New Orleans right here, this takes me there."

"I'm so glad you're here! It's so nice to have you," said Bernstein.  "This is so much fun".

Sweet Liberty is open seven days a week from 4 p.m., with Sunday brunch a must-try.

"And if you don't dance when you're here, if you don't have a great time, then we haven't done our job," Bernstein said. "Trust me, we do our job really well."

For more information, visit their website.

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