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'We Do Not Build Over Dead Souls,' Surfside Families Continue To Push For Memorial

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Victims' families are continuing their push for a memorial where Champlain Towers South once stood.

At a Tuesday press conference, families shared their frustration, concerned there is not enough being done to preserve the rubble, which they worry, could delay the investigation further.

Construction crews are continuing to work but just last week, the site was filled with water.

It was an extremely disappointing sight to see for victims' families. They worry stagnant water, left sitting, could ruin any remaining evidence.

"Our loved ones are still in there," said Martin Langesfeld. He lost his sister, brother-in-law, and two cousins the day the tower collapsed. Now, four months later, family members and friends continue to wait for answers.

"We do not build over dead souls. I hope we honor them and understand the pain and suffering these families are going through," says Monica Iken, Founder of September's Mission.

Families are questioning the condition of the site and the remaining rubble.

"It's disgusting how this process is being handled. It looks like there was a lake in there for over 2 months," said Langesfeld.

Pablo lost his daughter, Nicole, and his son-in-law on that unfathomable day.

"She was everything for me. She was 26. Just got married. Just became a lawyer. I was so proud," he says.

Pablo and Martin Langesfeld, along with all of the families CBS4 News spoke with want the rubble sorted through again.

"To see the police and anthropologists looking to see what's the difference between a bone and a stone because I have never seen that," said Langesfeld.

The families worry the site will continue to flood, washing away remaining evidence, unless the pumps are turned back on.

"They said money isn't an issue, but they stopped pumping drains because they didn't want to keep paying every day," says Langesfeld.

NIST is the federal agency leading the investigation. They tell CBS4 News they're adding a new team to the investigation that will work to create 3D images of the structure.

They will be using this data to help visualize what led the building to collapse.

They will have an update on November 8th. However, they did stress to us this update will be very brief.

They are still putting together data.

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