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Ongoing Rescue In Surfside: Work Can't Happen Fast Enough For Families

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - From high above, a fire truck intensely sprays water trying to put out a stubborn blaze that keeps reigniting at the partially collapse Champlain condo.

It happened a day and a half after a portion of the twelve-story, 136-unit building inexplicably fell killing 4 and leaving 159 unaccounted for.

"We have heavy machinery still on the scene to start pulling some of the superficial metal from above," said Maggie Castro from the Miami Dade Fire Rescue.
"That heavy machinery was used to knock-knock debris off balconies where it was feared it could hurt the rescue teams."
"These are the best in the world," said Miami Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava.
But the work can't happen fast enough for families and friends desperate to find their missing loved ones.
"You wake up and see this, everyone is scared for their building," said Levine Cava.
The governor says more help is on the way from the federal government, to help the families who've lost everything and he wants to know how this happened.
"It has to be timely, the families deserve it."
Search and rescue crews continue the painstaking job of sifting through the rubble piece by piece. The work is dirty and detailed.
Heavy machinery has been brought in to remove the large pieces of debris on the top, while smaller equipment is used underground to listen for signs of life.
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