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Condo Collapse: Building Experts Begin Taking A Closer Look At Champlain Towers North

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - It will be a while before we know what brought down the Champlain Towers South, but Surfside's mayor isn't waiting to make sure there isn't a repeat along the beach.

In a letter to buildings east of Collins Avenue, condo boards and owners are being urged to hire a structural engineer and a geotechnical engineer to look at the soil.

Engineers should examine the foundation and building design to make sure it matches construction.

It's also recommended that they employ radar to look at the slab thickness and locate reinforcing steel.

In addition, take three concrete core samples for strength testing.

"I think it's prudent to take all the steps possible to make sure there isn't something glaring," said Burkett.

The town started doing some of that work at the Champlain Towers North Friday, a duplicate of the one that crumbled.

They took core samples from beams, pulled up tile around the pool deck looking for leaks, and examined the plans for the building.

Mayor Burkett says they have gotten extreme cooperation from the north tower board and
he isn't getting any pushback from other condo boards.

"I think everyone wants to be safe I know I do."

CBS 4 spoke to Coast to Coast Construction about the recommendations. They are a South Florida company specializing in concrete restoration.

"They'll be able to tell if there are obvious signs of deterioration. Core samples will test the strength of the concrete and whether the rebar was placed in the correct location from the building plans," said Yaniv Levi with Coast To Coast.

The looming question after this disaster is how will the deadly collapse affect
buildings on the beach in South Florida.

Levi thinks what happened here won't lead to less building but greater oversight in the building process

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