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'Support Surfside' $4 Million Fund Closer To Being Distributed

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Thousands of people donated to charities set up in the wake of the Surfside tragedy in June, where 98 people were killed in the middle of the night.

One fund established soon after the disaster 'Support Surfside' is getting close to distributing the $4 million raised.

On Friday, the Support Surfside Steering Committee, in collaboration with the National Compassion Fund, announced the draft protocols and timeline for the distribution of funds.

These draft protocols will be shared with the survivors, victim's families, donors, and others directly impacted by the collapse.

Jeff Dion with the National Compassion fund said their system of distribution isn't based on economic loss or need.

"The one thing not covered is psychological trauma so we based it on that," he said.

All updates on the progress of the fund and plans for distribution will continue to be shared regularly with families impacted and with the public and are available at

The Application Deadline is November 3, 2021.

Questions can be emailed to

Also, Friday the judge overseeing the Surfside legal cases held another hearing.

The receiver said he has seen some of the belongings recovered at the police department and a lot is unrecognizable.

"17 safes were cracked open. There were 129 automobiles and all but two I couldn't tell you what kind of vehicles they were," said Michael Goldberg.

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