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Sunday Morning Science Lab December Winner Esteban Rodriguez's Mag-nificent Snack Project

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – iPrep Academy third grader Esteban Rodriguez's focus on food helped him become this month's CBS4 Sunday Morning Science Lab winner.

His project involved something we all need, healthy snacks. Everybody likes snacks, and you are never too young to learn which ones are better for you.

For his science project, Rodriguez analyzed the amount of iron in some common snack foods, and he choose some of his favorites.

"Corn Pops, Little Bites, Lucky Charms, Special K, and seaweed," he said.

First, he established the hypothesis: he guessed that seaweed, as a dark green vegetable, would have the most iron. Then he set out his tools and procedures to get to work.

"I took the snacks and put them in the blender and swished around, and then I cut off the bottom off of the six bottles and put the slurry inside the bottles."

He used a magnet to extract the iron, measured the amounts, compiled a data chart, and came to a surprising conclusion.

The Special K had the most iron, in his study. Each serving providing 60 percent of the daily iron recommended.

Coming in second place was the seaweed (which he does actually enjoy eating) at 40 percent. Rodriguez said these findings can be useful for kids his age.

"When they eat that snacks or cereal, they can grow taller and then focus more in school."

Focusing on food for now and keeping science in his future, when asked what he wants to be one day, Rodriguez doesn't hesitate. He said he wants to become an engineer or astronaut.

Aim high Esteban! And congratulations!

If you or a student you know would like to enter our CBS4 Sunday Morning Science Lab contest, it is open to students in grade 3-8 who attend schools in Miami-Dade, Broward, or Monroe Counties (including public, private, and home school. All kinds of STEM projects are accepted ranging from the environment to outer space, as long as its non-flammable.

Click here to enter and see all the rules.

CBS Miami is accepting entries now through April.

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