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Suffer, no more! Drivers delighted with opening of second lane on SR836-I95 ramp

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MIAMI - Attention South Florida drivers, this note will likely make your day, week, month or possibly even year.

You will no longer have to suffer through seemingly interminable traffic congestion as you approach the eastbound SR-836 to I-95 northbound ramp, as the long-expected second lane opened at the beginning of the month. 

Many drivers did not find out until this Wednesday, the first day of school for Miami-Dade public school students.  

"I am used to leaving a good 20 to 30 minutes earlier from home on my commute to Broward, expecting to be stuck in traffic as we approach that ramp," said Angela Torres, of Kendall. 

Second lane onto I-95 from SR-836 opens 00:28

She said she was pleasantly surprised as she only found out Wednesday morning about the opening of the second lane.

"It had been a long-time coming, this now almost makes my tolls payable," joked a parent who did not want to be identified. She takes her child to a school in the Wynwood area.  

Work on the second lane had been in the works for at least the past year or so, but if you take this ramp, a second lane was needed for decades. 

"In addition to opening the second lane on the ramp to northbound I-95, a second lane will be restored on the ramp to southbound I-95. Drivers should continue to use caution when driving through the area as there is active construction taking place adjacent to the travel lanes," Florida Department of Transportation officials said. 

Those who have sat in traffic as they approached this particular ramp had been waiting for its expansion for a long time and now they will be relieved to leave their home 20 to 30 minutes later, to a lighter commute into the north part of the county and beyond. 

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