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Study: Florida Ranks 3rd For Having Rudest Drivers

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Florida ranks third in the nation for having the rudest drivers in the US, according to a study.

If you have ever driven in the Sunshine State, the research confirmed what you already knew.

In fact, if you are a Florida driver, you are probably wondering why the state did not rank higher.

Could it be there are worst drivers elsewhere in the US? ranked California drivers number one and Nevada drivers number two, with Florida coming in at number 3, followed by Oregon and New Mexico.

If you are currently working from home because of the pandemic, you are probably considering yourself extremely lucky not to be dealing with other drivers on Florida's roadways or highways.

Here is what they had to say about Florida drivers:

"The Sunshine State did rank on the other survey we looked at for rudest drivers and appeared in the top half of rankings for rudest states. Combine that with an appearance near the top of the list in both studies we looked at for worst driving, and it seems like Florida drivers may be less than polite." said that Florida might not provide the most hospitable environment for drivers since it ranks second in the nation for the most expensive average annual premium for auto insurance at $2,364 for full coverage insurance. said they used the following methodology to arrive at their conclusions:

"To determine the rudest drivers by state, Bankrate examined five separate data studies related to driving rudeness, overall rudeness and bad driving. By adding up each state's rank in these five studies, we assigned a number value to each state." is an online financial publisher.

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