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Steamy show ahead of "Magic Mike's Last Dance" premiere in South Beach

Steamy show ahead of "Magic Mike's Last Dance" premiere in South Beach
Steamy show ahead of "Magic Mike's Last Dance" premiere in South Beach 02:05

MIAMI - A red carpet unlike any other outside Regal South Beach theaters Wednesday evening, as the cast of Magic Mike Live, the steamy dance show now playing on stage Key Biscayne, gave fans a little warm-up to the evening's world premiere movie, "Magic Mike's Last Dance."

Channing Tatum not only stars in this 3rd installment, but he also produced the movie, which was shot in Miami, and he made sure the world premiere was here as well.

CBS4's Lisa Petrillo asked Tatum about his special connection to Florida.

"Florida is where I grew up.  It's even the basis of this whole story and my story as you know. I was a stripper here, he said, "So it's one of those things that Florida will never leave my blood. It  just won't."

In the new film, Channing is back as Mike Lane. This time a bit down on his luck and working as a bartender when he meets a mysterious wealthy woman named Max, who, after a night of getting to know each other, presents Mike with an opportunity he can't refuse.

Salma Hayek plays her and admits she was intimidated at first,  but soon felt empowered in this role.

"It's about women taking charge. It's about saying yeah, we'd like a lap dance, but we're a lot more than that, Hayek said. "We also want to be respected professionally. We also want to be loved. We also want to have companionships and partnerships and projects in life, and that's what we are".

Tatum, whose dance moves are in his blood, says the key to every sultry performance is to connect with the audience.

"What's a sexy dance for you?" asked Petrillo.

You're just watching dancing if you're not having a connection.  The connection makes the experience," said Tatum.

"Well, you make it happen, that's for sure," said Petrillo.

"I'm trying," said Tatum.

"Magic Mike's Last Dance" is out in theaters February 10th.

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