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Sports Agenda for Tuesday (2/19/13)

Big Story:
It's all about The U today. From the NCAA investigation, to Mario Cristobal, to the Canes being ranked number two in the country, it's all Canes all the time here in the agenda today.

Quote of the Day:
"True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing." – Socrates

UM/NCAA Investigation:
We've got the good, bad, and ugly with UM today so let's start with the ugly.
I don't need to rehash the entire investigation for you up to this point, let's just say it's been one of the bigger jokes in recent NCAA memory.
Here's the problem, both UM and the NCAA are guilty of lack of institutional control.
It's that simple.
UM had no control over its coaches, boosters, or even the athletic director and the president. Heads should roll at UM all the way up the chain of command. And the investigation should also take down the former AD now at Texas Tech, Kirby Hocutt, who should be hit with a show-cause penalty as well.
But, the NCAA had no control over anyone in its system that was investigating the Hurricanes.
From the top of the enforcement division down to the investigators, there was zero control over anyone and everyone was willing to skirt the rules.
Gee, where have I heard that before?
If I were on the executive board of the NCAA, I'd clean house starting with the NCAA president and going down the board.
But, UM president Donna Shalala can't get all self-righteous like she did in her statement last night either.
"We have been wronged in this investigation," she wrote.
Yeah, maybe, but if you hadn't allowed all of this to go on in the first place, you wouldn't be in the situation you are in now.
And my guess is that everyone in the chain of command knew something about Shapiro, but as long as his checks cleared, that's what mattered.
When the checks stop, or anything else, it's time to cut bait and run.
UM was wronged by the NCAA, the investigation was wronged by the NCAA, but UM put themselves in this position when they chose to break the rules.
The best thing both parties can do from here on is reach a settlement between the Committee on Infractions and the school to sweep this ugly incident under the rug.
That's not going to happen as I believe the NCAA still has reams of material to slap Miami with in the coming weeks.
Still, the NCAA has committed irreparable harm to itself with this investigation and could pay for it for years to come.

Mario Cristobal Leaves UM:
Here's the bad for the Hurricanes, Mario Cristobal left the team to go the University of Alabama.
It's a great move for Cristobal because he can go from one of the worst run programs in the country to arguably the best.
The difference between FIU and Alabama, yeah, that's night and day.
On the one hand you have Pete Garcia who has made more bad hires than Donald Trump, and on the other, you have Mal Moore who has led Alabama back from the NCAA doldrums to become the top football program in the land.
Plus, let's face it, in college football, there's no better coach to learn from than Nick Saban.
Yes, it's painful to write that, but it's the truth.
Now, for Miami, this kills you in recruiting South Florida, which many have already been critical of.
Now, if dealing with UF and FSU weren't enough, you're going to have Cristobal and Saban running roughshod over high schools in the area looking for recruits.

Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

UM Basketball:
Finally, here's the good for UM…the basketball team is ranked number two in the country heading into a big game against Virginia.
This will be Miami's stiffest test ahead of a road game at Duke on March 2.
UVA is third in the conference at 8-4 and 18-7 overall. A win over UM on UM's court would give them the signature win they'd need to get into the NCAA Tournament.
That's been easier said than done this year.
Still, I'm interested to see if UVA tries to do what Clemson did and that's cut off the drive for Larkin and force him outside.
If UVA's players can fight through the screens enough to get outside to guard Durand Scott and McKinney-Jones it could be a long night.
It'll be a longer night if UM can't shoot any better than they did at Clemson.
It's going to be a tough night for UM as Virginia leads the conference in Scoring defense, is second in scoring margin, and first in 3-point field goal percentage, and first in 3-point field goal percentage defense.
Miami's on a 13-game winning streak, can they get to 14?
That's one I wouldn't want to bet on tonight, let's just put it that way.

Panthers: (off Tuesday)
Wow, Florida's offense is just flat out awful.
Sorry, couldn't let it go without saying something.
Seriously, these guys scored as many goals as I did last night.
Florida is 2-6 this month and a few more losses and you can chalk this season up to a lost year and start looking to trade for younger players Mr. Tallon.
And it's not going to get any easier for the Cats.
They play Philly and Pittsburgh on the road this week, with Pittsburgh being the best team in the Eastern Conference.
Then next week the Bruins, second in the NE division, plus San Jose, third in the Pacific.
On the bright side, the Panthers are still one point ahead of last place…so they've got that going for them.

That's it for today, the Heat get back on the court tomorrow night and the NFL is about to get busy with franchise tags and free agency will start the first week of March I believe.

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