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Spider Monkey With Unique 'Batman' Marking Born At Florida Zoo

That's because the monkey, born at the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, has a unique marking in the shape of the 'Batman' symbol on its nose.
spider monkey with batman markings
A spider monkey was born at the Brevard Zoo in Florida with what looks like the bat signal across his face. (Photo Credit: Brevard Zoo via CNN)
It really looks like a "Bat-Signal," showing the silhouette of a bat extending its wings, which is used throughout the DC Comics series as a distress signal to summon Batman when trouble arises in Gotham.
The distinctively marked baby was born to 31-year-old female Rochelle and 25-year-old male Shooter on April 15.
"The youngling is doing well, holding on strong to mom and nursing successfully," according to the zoo.
Zookeepers aren't sure yet if it's a boy or a girl. The zoo noted that Rochelle is an experienced mother and that other members of the spider monkey troop have checked in on the mother and child.

"Every Zoo birth is a safeguard against losing these precious species in their natural range," says the Brevard Zoo.

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