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South Miami Church Gears Up For A "Sexperiment"

SOUTH MIAMI (CBS4) - It's a beautifully lit setting.  Red lighting is paired with romantic music.  There are cocktail tables with candles billowing in the slight breeze.  The biggest focus in the room is an all white bed with red rose petals draped across the bedspread.

It sounds like the latest South Beach nightclub but you may be shocked to find out this is the setting at church.  The Fellowship Church on Sunset Drive in South Miami is setting the mood for the "Sexperiment".

"I think we both are just as excited as the other," said Congregation members Viviant and Rick Legra. "This church is really bold to bring that into the church!"

They're just one couple at the Fellowship Church in South Miami ready to take the challenge spelled out in the just released book, 'Sexperiment' written by the head church pastors based in Dallas.

The book tells couples to have sex at least seven nights straight. The book just came out Friday, but this challenge has been presented to the congregation before.

"We were not as successful as some have bragged.  We didn't make it seven days last time!" Rick Legra begrudgingly added.

Life just got in the way for the Legras, but for Orlando and Annie Borges they heard about the challenge last year participated.

"Quite successfully," they said as they chuckled.

The Borges say their seven straight nights of love making made their 20 year marriage even stronger.

South Miami Pastor Chris King said with the book out. He is issuing the challenge again.

"The last time you did this was there a baby-boom?" CBS4's Cynthia Demos asked King.

"You better believe it," he replied, "there was a real rush at Babies 'R' Us."

The authors from the Fellowship Church in Dallas, Pastors Ed and Lisa Young say the real goal though is to promote intimacy and communication.

"We've looked at sex too casually it's not a casual thing. It's a profound thing. And it's definitely not a profane thing," Ed Young said.

In this case it's a challenging thing that couples, like the Legra's, say they will conquer this time.

"I gotta make it this time!" Rick Legra said.

On the Friday evening of the book release, the church opened to babysit.  People at the church were taking care of congregation member's children so the husbands and wives could have a date night.


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