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South Florida Veteran Who Served In Afghanistan 'Very Emotional' About How Military Withdrawal Has Unfolded

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – There are plenty of opinions about what's happening in Afghanistan, and whether the withdrawal was right or wrong.

But what do the veterans who risked it all to serve there think? What about Gold Star families?

Retired Naval Military Police Officer Laura Ogden is trying to process the current Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, where she served a tour of duty in 2012.

"It made me very upset and that's why I'm very emotional with all the stuff going on," she said.

Laura Ogden
Naval Military Police Officer Laura Ogden during her time in service. (Courtesy of Laura Ogden)

All these years later, MP Ogden is still emotional about the horror she witnessed while in the war-torn country, like the time seven wounded soldiers were rushed to the hospital after being struck by an IED.

"He was in bed bleeding in agony," she recalled. "It was the worst thing I heard in all my years."

Janine Lutz's son, John, served in Afghanistan.

She said her "heart is broken for the Afghan people. It's sad what's going on over there."

Her words are an incredible act of compassion, considering she spent so many nights worrying about her own adorable baby boy who grew into a fierce fighter with the Marines.

"When he was in Afghanistan he'd call and I'd hear explosive, and he was like, 'Mom, we're at war!'" she said.

John Lutz
John Lutz serving in Afghanistan. (Courtesy of Janine Lutz)

John Lutz survived the battlefield only to take his own life in 2013 while back home in America.

His mom wants other veterans and their families to know they accomplished their mission in the nearly 20-year war, which cost trillions.

"The veteran I know, who served with my son, loved America and went to fight terrorism and that's what they did," Janine Lutz said. "The outcome has no bearing on the job they did."

If you're a vet who needs to talk to someone or you know one who does, there is help out there. A couple of options are the Veterans Crisis Line at (888) 206-0721 and the Wounded Warrior Resource Center at (888) 997-2586.

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