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South Florida Soccer Fans Pack Bars To Watch World Cup

CORAL GABLES (CBSMiami) - Soccer fans around South Florida came together Saturday to watch the World Cup action happening in Brazil from local bars and restaurants.

"It doesn't matter who you represent or where you're from the World Cup brings a bunch of people together the energy is absolutely wild," said Philipp Klumpp.

The scene was electric at Fritz and Franz Beierhaus in Coral Gables where soccer fans gathered to cheer on Germany and Ghana.

"Go Germany, Germany, Germany, Germany, Germany," fans screamed.

It was all about the black, red and gold with a crowd full of Germans and their friends.

"I'm a big fan of Germany," said Janet Jara. "Because he's German."

Even a few fans who wish they were German applauded for the team.

"I'm actually Cuban, I've been to Germany three times in the past five years," said Alex Manzano.  "I'm converting over," he joked.

The crowd watched intently, and sometimes seemed nervous despite an overall confidence.

"Germany's gonna win the World Cup this year, so we're good," said Bashar Dibsi.

Earlier in the day, fans of Argentina were the ones celebrating.

"As usual, they had us really worried the whole game, but Messi, as usual, bails us out at the end and scores for us and it's beautiful and I'm so happy," exclaimed Natalia Trobato.

Even the pouring rain didn't dampen soccer fans' spirits.

"Today's been great, the weather has been rough, but the people made it so much better," said Manzano.

"That didn't stop any one of us," said Philipp Klumpp. "I'm soaked, nobody goes home, everybody sticks it out it's great."

In the end, the Germany game ended in a draw, while it wasn't the result most people at the bar hoped to see, they'll be back to watch more World Cup soccer in the coming days.

Matt Shumate described the atmosphere as, "Electric just, absolutely amazing.  The fans came out, we're getting really into the game, you never see anything like it for any other sport in South Florida."

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