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South Florida Remembers Victims Of 9/11

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - It's how the Broward Sheriff's Office remembers this day, as they read off the timeline of tragedy and tolled a bell for the victims on September 11, 2001.

Dozens of first responders, law enforcement crowded into BSO headquarters for a special ceremony to remember 9/11 18 years later. They honored the more than 3,000 murdered and the way it changed this nation forever.

Ryan Dean was one of the many in attendance who were there that day. A retired NYPD detective, like thousands of other first responders he rushed toward the towers that day, his job was to keep people away but everything about 9/11 is seared into his memory.

"It's like reliving it all over again, it's fresh in my mind it still hurts in my heart to know that so many died, you can't forget what you saw and even the smells of 9/11 the sky was completely black the rest of the world had a blue sky but it was like midnight there."

Bagpipes played in the room brimming with patriotism, Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony, then a student and football player at Florida State University said 9/11 changed his trajectory and put him on a path toward service.

"It's not a matter of remembering this particular day, it's every day of our life the impact of that event has transcended and changed this entire country, over 411 emergency personnel gave their life that day, 343 firefighters and 60 law enforcement personnel rushed into the buildings to serve people and strangers that they did not know," he said.

"It was innocent people that died, that's why we should never forget," said Dean.

There were other celebrations throughout South Florida to remember the victims of 9/11.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue held a ceremony to honor and remembers the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice on September 11.

On Wednesday morning, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue joined the Miami-Dade Police Department in a ceremony of remembrance at the Tropical Park Police Memorial located at 7900 SW 40th Street.

The ceremony served to honor the firefighters, police officers, military personnel, and all who perished in the terror attacks in NYC and Washington, D.C.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez was there as were other local officials and residents.

Meanwhile, City of Miami Police and Fire Rescue personnel held a memorial in front of Miami City Hall to remember and honor the thousands of innocent men, women and children killed in the horrific senseless attacks of that day, 18 years ago.


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