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South Florida Poet Making His Mark

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) - You may have seen his poems, written in typewriter font, shared and posted all over Instagram.

Some of his followers include celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and rapper and actor Ludacris.

But who is the man behind the sign off: r.m. drake?

"One of my buddies was like we should call you Bobby Drake and that's a character from XMen, from Marvel. When I started FIU it just kind of stuck, I started signing my paintings Robert M Drake," said Drake whose real name is Robert Macias.

A South Florida native, Macias started in the TV business working as an art director, but he knew he was destined for more.

"Writing has always been something I've done since a kid. It's natural for me," said Drake.

So he began writing every chance he could get, penning his thoughts at even the most odd hours.

"I will be out in the middle of dinner and something will come to me and my friends will see me take out my phone and just write for 20 minutes," said Drake.

But it was when he started sharing his thoughts on social media that people really started to take notice.

"When I started seeing the reactions and how much people were relating to is on a huge scale, i started to think there's something special in here," said Drake.

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His poems are short, concise and easy to relate to; they are filled with words about self-discovery, loneliness, heart-break and love.

"Love is that type of story. It's not pretty. It's a lot of work, a lot of darkness. There's a lot of goodness as well," said Drake.

His Instagram page, followed by one point one million people, with comments like " I think Drake is writing for us."

All the attention is a bit unnerving for the man who likes to stay hidden behind his words.

"I like being in the shadows. I'm more of an introvert in the sense where sometimes I want to be with people bust most of the time I just don't," he said.

Drake's name is now being seen even more. His new book "Black Butterfly" is now in bookstores nationwide.


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