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100 plus dogs and no A/C at Medley shelter

South Florida heat also affecting pets at animal shelters
South Florida heat also affecting pets at animal shelters 02:11

MEDLEY - The heat impacting South Florida is also affecting our pets, especially those housed at animal shelters.

Video circulating on social media shows precautions being taken to keep pets cool at the Miami-Dade Animal Services facility in Medley, after reports of no air conditioning. 

However, Director of Miami-Dade Animal Services, Annette Jose explained the Medley shelter is an open-air facility. So, there was never any A/C. Jose says the reason they have to use the Medley location at all is because of pet overpopulation.

Several years ago, Animal Services opened a new air-conditioned main facility in Doral. The Medley shelter is still used for overflow.

"It was for quarantining dogs who were going on a transport or dogs that were sick and due to the overpopulation crisis, that we have been experiencing since last year, said Jose. 

Now, more than 100 dogs stay at the overflow location and with this week's heat, they've had to make extra accommodations. Jose shares those adjustments are ice in water, implementing walking restrictions where dogs are only being walked for ten minutes in the morning and when the sun goes down at night. Pets are also being monitored for heavy breathing and lethargy and pools have also been used to keep the pets cool.

"What's going to help us if for this community to help us stop bringing in pets to the shelter," said Jose. 

She says spaying and neutering pets is crucial to controlling the population. And if you can't adopt, consider becoming a foster.

Saturday, Animal Services is hosting an adoption event where all fees will be waived. It'll be from 10 am until 6 p.m. at the Medley location.

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