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Haiti relief efforts, food unable to get to those in need

Haiti relief efforts
Haiti relief efforts 02:41

MIAMI - At her grand palace ballroom, Dorothy Borgelin helps families plan joyous celebrations, but for the past week, there's been little to celebrate as she watches her country unravel.

The Haitian American business owner has dozens of relatives in Haiti and the current crisis has her worried and sad.  

"The Haiti I know and love is gone. This is the worst I've seen. I'm ashamed to say I'm Haitian," she said. "This is the worst I've seen." 

As gangs terrorize locals in Haiti, Borgelin fears for an elderly relative who is locked in her home. 

"She can't go outside, she can't eat. All she hears is gunshots."

The crisis is so severe that the nonprofit, Food for the Poor, based in Coconut Creek has been unable to supply food and medicine to needy Haitian residents. 

Distribution is at a standstill because of safety concerns. 

"Our trucks can't move," says Mario Nicoleau, the executive director of Food for the Poor. 

He says 150 containers are stuck at Haiti Ports. "Each container has thousands of bags of rice," he says. 

Once the crisis has stabilized, Nicoleau says food for the poor and other charities will need help.

Not food and water - but cash. "The best way to help is a monetary donation," he says. 

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