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South Florida girl celebrates her 12th birthday on Leap Day

South Florida girl born on Leap Day celebrates birthday
South Florida girl born on Leap Day celebrates birthday 02:17

MIAMI LAKES — For Miah-Lynn Pean, birthdays don't come around often. 

In fact, it doesn't even happen every year. So, when it does, she cherishes it.

"I'm feeling excited, amazing, I'm like 'Woooooo!' Just want to scream!" said Miah-Lynn.

Miah-Lynn is celebrating her 12th birthday, even though she's technically only had three birthdays.

"My classmates are like 'Oh, you turn three! You're three years old, she's the youngest in our class!'"

Miah-Lynn's mom, Midlaine, vividly remembers when she found out her daughter may be a Leap Year baby. Her husband was hoping for a March 1st birthday.

"He was like, 'Can you just hold off for like four more hours so she can have a real birthday like everyone — and I'm like no! There's scholarships for Leap kids, I'm not waiting until March 1," said Midlaine.

A special day for a special girl, whose positive energy is contagious.

"She's a social butterfly," Midlaine said about her daughter. "She's very caring, she's a helper, she loves to help out people."

If you're wondering, Miah-Lynn is celebrated every year, usually on February 28.

But, she's leaping into this birthday with high hopes and a grateful heart.

"I feel special and I'm just so blessed and happy that I can have another day and I'm able to celebrate my birthday today."

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