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South Florida Company Helps To Organize Closet Clutter

MIAMI (CBS4) - What if your garage could go from chaos, to clutter free? Your closet, from mess to marvelous?

Well, South Florida has got just the guy.

Justin Klosky is the founder and creater of OCD, Organize & Create Discipline.

"I've had forms of OCD symptoms my whole life and what I've learned to do is channel them in a way that benefited my life- through organization" says Justin Klosky, founder of OCD.

Justin has organized the homes and businesses of everyone from Hollywood stars to Fortune 500 companies.

"It's really what the most difficult thing  is for someone to grab a hold of in their own lives" said Justin, "Some, it might be their computer,  some their car , others their closets -- some  it's their entire lives."

Justin says the key to clearing out your closet is to be your own personal trainer.

"When your questioning yourself- be hard on yourself for that extra 2 seconds-- say am I really going to  wear it really need it? -- and then make  a decision and  give it to someone who does." said Justin

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