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Source Offers Newspaper New Details Of Zimmerman's Self Defense Claim

ORLANDO (CBSMiami) - A report in the Orlando Sentinel, claiming to be based on information provided to the newspaper by the Sanford Police department, paints a much more sympathetic view of claims that George Zimmerman shot 17 year old Trayvon Martin in self defense.

The report, released online Monday afternoon, claims Zimmerman told them Martin attacked him as he headed back to his SUV, was knocked to the ground with a single blow, and then had his head smashed into the ground by Trayvon, who was on top of him.

Bloodied and battered, he claims he shot the teen in self defense.

The disturbing new report comes as demands for an arrest in the case have grown nationwide. Zimmerman was not charged, after police ruled there was no evidence to dispute the self defense claim.

Police have not released the incident report, and because there has been no arrest, there is no arrest report to examine. A mugshot that might have showed the extent of Zimmerman's alleged injuries is not available, again, because there was no arrest.

The Orlando Sentinel, pointing out police had been unwilling to talk, offered a basic timeline of event. The newspaper did not identify the person who provided the information.

The phone call to police by Zimmerman reporting Trayvon as a suspicious person has been documented, but what's not known is what happened before Trayvon was shot.

The Sentinel said there was about a minute gap, during which police say they don't know what happened.

The Sentinel said Zimmerman left his SUV, looked for the 'suspicious person,' and when he could not spot him, walked back to his SUV. He claims Trayvon approached him from the right rear, and started a confrontation.

Trayvon asked Zimmerman if he had a problem, police were told.  Zimmerman said no and reached for his cell phone, he told police.

He claims Trayvon then said, "Well, you do now" or something like that and punched Zimmerman in the nose.

The armed neighborhood watch volunteer some have called a police wannabe said he fell to the ground. The Sentinel said he claims Trayvon got on top of him and began bashing his head into the sidewalk

At this point, a confrontation had attracted the attention of people in the neighborhood, some of whom called 911. At least one person said they heard what sounded like someone calling for help.

According to the Sentinel, Zimmerman said that was him. The Sentinel said police told them they have evidence to support that.

Witnesses say they heard a shot, and the calls stopped. Trayvon was dead, and Zimmerman said he killed the teen to save his life.

One witness claimed to have seen the alleged beating, and when police arrived after the shot, Zimmerman had a nosebleed, a bloody lip, and cuts to the back of his head.

Trayvon lay on the ground, a gunshot fired at close range in his chest, according to the Sentinel's sources.

There have been no arrests in the case, and no independent review of evidence that caused police to let Zimmerman go free.

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