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Something Extra: Tweets for Twits

MIAMI (CBS4) - I consume enormous amounts of news from all sorts of sources.  A good chunk of that involves trying to find a quirky or interesting item for this segment.

Today was rough, because most of what I found, especially on Twitter, ranged from inane to who cares?

Here are some samples:

From ABC News: "Farmer Eaten by Hungry Hogs."  Sad, but need I say more?

From The Huffington Post: "Nine Reasons Why No One Should Marry Arnold Schwarzenegger."  Being a serial adulterer and having a love child with the maid aren't enough?

More Huffington Post: "The Most Exciting Thermostat Ever."  Are we so bored a thermostat is exciting?

Meghan McCain to Romney: "Loosen up and learn to love Americans."  Romney doesn't?  Senator McCain must be so proud of his daughter for that one.

Good Morning America: "Expert Says Bra Sizes a Scam."  And we care, why?

E-Online: "Forty Four Days to Go until Breaking Dawn."  How will we survive till then?

And People Magazine: "Presents from Honey Boo Boo... There's a Glitzy the Pig."

If you don't know who Honey Boo Boo and Glitzy the Pig are, congratulations: you are not wasting as many of your gray cells as I am on nutty news and tweets for twits.

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