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Something Extra: There's No Accounting For Taste

(CBSMiami) — What male singer has the most hits ever on Billboard's Hot One Hundred?  Elvis?  Michael Jackson?  Elton John?

Nope... as of today, it's rapper Lil Wayne.

The rapper now has had one hundred nine songs on Billboard's Hot One Hundred chart, surpassing Elvis Presley.

Elvis was handicapped though because some of his songs came out before the chart was launched in 1958, but there's no doubt Lil Wayne is awfully popular, even though his songs are often misogynistic, celebrate drugs and violence and often have lyrics we can't play on TV.

And how about the most popular group?  It would have to be the Beatles or the Rolling Stones, right?

Again, nope.

The cast of Glee is number one by far, with two hundred four entries on the chart... none of them, original.  That's almost three times as many as the second place Beatles.

Fortunately, people have better taste when it comes to hits that make it to number one.  Lil Wayne and Glee are nowhere near The Beatles, Mariah Carey, Elvis or Michael Jackson.

Thank God for small favors.

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