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Something Extra: The Most Common And Uncommon Birthdays

MIAMI (CBS4) - Have you ever wondered how popular your birthday is?

Well now you can know, thanks to some fascinating data compiled by Harvard University about babies born between the seventies and the nineties.

The least popular birthday?  Leap Day, February 29th.  No suprise there because it only comes around every four years.

Second least popular is Christmas Day, followed by New Year's Day, Christmas Eve and January 2nd.

Then comes Independence Day, despite July being a popular month.

All the days surrounding Thanksgiving are also way down on the list.

The obvious reason is that the number of births induced is soaring, and doctors and parents don't want work on holidays.

But parents are doing something else during the winter holidays.

As you can see from the dark rectangles on this chart, September is by far the most popular month for birthdays, including all of the top ten and the most popular birthdate of all, September 16th.

September, of course, is nine months after the holiday season.

If you have a September birthday, you now have too much information about what your parents were doing during the holidays the year before.

And, if today is your birthday, May 18th is the hundred and eithy-eighth most popular. Happy birthday!

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