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Something Extra: Is This What We Care About?

MIAMI (CBS4) - Every year at this time we get a sense of what it is that matters most to Americans through the annual lists that tell us what we searched for the most on the Internet.

And the list from search engine Bing has got to make you wonder where our priorities lie.

We had a presidential election, so that must have been the most-searched for story, right?

Wrong.  The release of the Apple iPhone 5 came in first, followed by the election, the Olympics and Superstorm Sandy.

Then, you really have to worry.  Number five was the Honey Boo Boo reality show and number six was the Gangnam Style Dance.

When it came to people, Kim Kardashian proved again that she is the all-time queen of being famous for being famous.  She regained the top spot from Justin Bieber, who dropped to number two.

Pop culture badly trumped politics among celebrities.  Where did Mitt Romney and President Obama rank?  Way down the list at forty third and forty sixth.

I don't know why this all still surprises me, but it does.

Honey Boo Boo.



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