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Something Extra: Cold War 2012-Style

MIAMI (CBS4) - In the nineteen fifty five Cold War movie "The Mouse that Roared," a tiny European country decides its only hope to escape bankruptcy is to invade the U.S., lose the war and then get lots of U.S. aid, like many European countries did after World War II.

So it sends it's minuscule military, armed with bows and arrows, on a cruise ship to New York.  Through a wacky set of circumstances, they win the war by accidentally getting a hold of a doomsday bomb.

Well, fiction isn't far from fact when we look at how Cold War craziness is alive and well in North Korea.

Following a recent catastrophic and embarrassing missile test, analysts today said the intercontinental ballistic missiles on display at an extravagant parade were fakes, nothing more than bad props.

This is the country that at once claimed its former leader, Kim Jong Il, didn't urinate or defecate, made eleven holes in one the first time he played golf, composed six operas, coached the North Korean World Cup soccer team by invisible phone and built a whole deserted city for propaganda purposes.

The problem is that North Korea is an insane mouse that can roar, believed to have nuclear and chemical weapons.

We can only hope those weapons are as effective as their missiles.


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