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Something Extra: Celebrating Swastikas?

MIAMI (CBS4) - I saw this headline today on the Huffington Post website: "UFO Group Rallies to Repair the Image of the Swastika."

I immediately thought humanity had reached a new level of insanity.

The Nazi swastika is the ultimate symbol of hatred, representing the massacre of millions by Adolf Hitler and his minions.

But now Raelians want to bring back the swastika's original meaning, which in Sanskrit means "to be good."

Their point is that the symbol was used for thousands of years in peaceful and religious ways.  Who cares?!

The Raelians do.  They've declared tomorrow World Swastika Rehabilitation Day, organizing celebrations around the world, including Israel, planning to fly planes with swastika banners in New York and L.A.

The UFO group is best known for falsely claiming it had cloned a human baby ten years ago.

Raelians believe humans were created by aliens, whose symbol is the swastika.

Do they have no empathy for the many still deeply affected by the Holocaust's horrors?  Shame on them.


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