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Something Extra: Body Modification Now Involves Bagels

(CBSMiami) — Tattoos, botox, body, face and tongue piercings, nose jobs, facelifts...people have long been willing to subject themselves to pain to change their appearance.

But a fairly new trend in extreme body modification in Japan takes the cake... or should I say, the bagel?

The people who do this are called bagelheads and I have to warn you, the video could be disturbing to some... it's certainly pretty disgusting.

As you can see from this National Geographic Television report, they inject saline into their foreheads for about two hours, creating a huge bump.

They then use their thumbs to shape that bump, mostly to look like a huge bagel.

It apparently doesn't hurt and you only achieve this bizarre beauty...I use beauty loosely... for less than 24 hours.

But why in the world would you mutilate yourself to look like a freak?

I don't have a clue. The older I get, the less I seem to understand people.

Anyone want a bagel with lox or cream cheese now?  Yuck.


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