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Some Stock Up, Others Plan To Leave Town Ahead Of Hurricane Dorian's Arrival In Florida

LAKE WORTH (CBSMiami) - Things were pretty quiet early Thursday afternoon at Benny's on the Beach on Lake Worth Beach where there is normally a brisk lunch crowd which loves to eat while enjoying the view from the pier.

"It's definitely a lot slower than usual. This is usually the hot spot of the whole town. And I noticed at gas stations and stores all the locals are congregating over there to get their resources," said Eric Smith who works at the restaurant.

He was right about locals getting ready for Hurricane Dorian.

At an area Publix, people were stocking up. In some cases they'd have to wait for the next shipment of water, the shelves were pretty empty.

"We have three kids at home and a cat and just trying to prepare. We were very relaxed but everybody's getting into it, so we wanted to make sure we got prepared," Carrie Dorman.

Lynn Prakas, who was getting gas for her generator, said it's been a chore.

"As I got off the interstate here heading toward my office, I was really surprised, there weren't that many people in this gas station so I decided to come in and try to pump these myself," she said.

"How's it going?" asked CBS4's Ted Scouten.

"Well, it's spilling out all over the floor. I'm obviously not very good at this, I've never filled up a gas can before," she said.

Others were making plans to leave. Tommy Ligorie and daughter Briana were trying to get back to New York, not wanting to stick around to see where Dorian ends up.

"Unfortunately I called this morning to see if we could get flights out and it was all booked up. And the flights I did find were unfortunately way high and we couldn't afford it so we have to take the route and driving back," said Tommy Ligorie.

If you plan to stock up, you still have time. However, don't put it off until the last minute or you might not be happy with what you find.

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