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SOBE Hotels Offer Up VIP Service To The Stars

MIAMI (CBS4) - Whether it's floor tickets to the hottest game in town, a private plane ready to take off at a moment's notice or a middle of the night room service call for dinner for 20 in their private suite, the response to VIP requests at some of Miami Beach's hottest hotels is always:

"Yes, yes we got it covered, absolutely," said Steve Hiblum, General Manager of The Delano on South Beach.

The Delano is the home away from home for many of Hollywood's A-listers including Will Smith, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Jay Z and Beyonce. While in town they stay in the hotel's three bedroom penthouse suite which costs about $6,000 per night.

And yes, many have unique requests. For example, Drew Barrymore - she wanted to be the DJ one night.

"Why not," joked Hiblum, "It's a win-win."

When Jennifer Aniston was there she requested her own private bathroom to use while she was dining in the restaurant.

"We arranged it instantly and made it for her," Hiblum explained

"Isn't that a little high maintenance," asked CBS4's Lisa Petrillo.

"No, that's what we're here for," replied Hiblum.

In fact, The Delano employs a VIP Specialist known as "Genie" whose job is to make dreams come true.

Whether it's a Ferrari out front and waiting or some highly coveted Miami Heat tickets, Hiblum said it's as easy as rubbing on that magic bottle.

"Of course we can, yes, everything is through Genie," he said.

Down the street at the W South Beach is the "E-Wow Suite" where the "E " stands for "Extreme Wow".

The three bedroom, 3,000 square foot, two story suite with a plunge pool on top goes for about $9,000 a night. Stars such as Bono, The Edge, Justin Bieber and LeBron James have all stayed there or in any of the 26 newly remodeled VIP suites on the premises. The W South Beach has a VIP concierge team that handles all 'very special' requests.

"They are the ones who take charge of the VIP from the moment they make a reservation and often times from the moment their previous stay is over. They make sure all of their needs are met," said W South Beach General Manager George Cozonis.

And some of those needs require handling with care.

"Many of our VIP guests have their own car collections, so they prefer to have their own Ferraris, Rolls Royce's shipped. I think one of my favorite moments was when one of our guests was having two of his cars shipped and this Mack Truck pulled up and out comes a wide, custom made Ferrari and a candy red convertible Rolls Royce," Cozonis said.

When your job is to cater to the VIPs, there is no such thing as set hours.

"We are in a city that never sleeps and a lot of what happens in South Beach happens in the overnight hours. So absolutely, the busiest times are overnight," said Cozonis.

Both managers said when it comes to pleasing the VIPs there was not much they wouldn't do.

They add with so many of those VIPs using social media to capture their glamorous getaways, it's a win-win for all.

"Our outreach is great down here. If it's yachts or private planes to Bimini for the day, whatever, it's really that simple," said Hiblum .

These are not the only hotels that offer extraordinary services to their VIPs. Many of the top hotels in South Florida have special departments solely dedicated to their VIPs. South Florida has become such a hot spot, the so-called "Season" has become year round.


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