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So, What's Child Tax Credit Awareness Day & Why You Need To Know

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - What day is it? Of course, Amazon shoppers know for sure, but today is "another day," and in a way more important than any deal online.

"We are making this 'Child Tax Credit Awareness Day' because there are millions of people who are eligible across the country and they may not know they are eligible," said Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary.

The 'child tax credits' were expanded under the American Rescue Plan. The White House has a full-blown campaign going online to pound home the message that you have to file your income tax in order to quickly and efficiently collect the benefit.

The current child care credit is $3,000 a year for a child 6-17 years old, $3,600 for kids under six, the benefit will appearing in bank accounts for those eligible by July 15th. The problem is not everyone has to file an income tax return.

"I am encouraging people who do not ordinarily file income tax because their income is not enough to go ahead and file. Use the tax benefit to their advantage," said US Representative Frederica Wilson.

Florida low-income families could also benefit from the tax credit.

"This is a major income boost, especially for struggling families. So important. It is going to benefit 27 million American children. One hundred fifty-six thousand in my congressional district," said Wilson.

The Biden administration is described as "being open to extending the tax benefit for five years."

"Little children who are hungry can't learn. People who are struggling cant help their children learn and we know the way out of poverty is education."

The credits only apply to those making 75-thousand or less if you're single or 150-thousand or less for married couples.

Click here to learn more about it.


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