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Smash & Grab Thieves Drive Van Into Clothing Store

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A handful of thieves made a smashing entrance into the fashion world when they used a van as a battering ram to break into a designer's Miami store.

According to Fred Mclendon, the co-owner of Tanya Marie Design at 4600 NE 2nd Avenue, just after midnight the van smashed through the store's front door, sending hundreds of pounds of glass and concrete flying. As many as five people then ran through the store and snatched up approximately $50,000 in couture dresses.

"You know that's basically what they want after, the custom dresses," said Mclendon.

Original dresses created by designer and stylist Tanya Marie Mclendon which she thinks the thieves will try to unload for top dollar.

"They're going to be buying some really one of a kind, cool little dresses," said Tanya Marie Mclendon, "They're mine, I'll know it if I see it cause there's only one."

There were eight surveillance cameras inside the store which captured the action.

"It happens, you go on," said Mclendon, "You try to figure out a way where it won't happen again."

The Mclendons said they had just moved their business to this location six weeks ago from Coral Gables.  Their Design District neighbors said they've seen type of crime before.

"It's really safe, but once in a while we have people from around, coming in and doing things they shouldn't do," said Alex Tores.

The Mclendons said the burglary is a set back but won't affect their plans for the long run.

"We're here, we're going to be here for a while," said Tanya Mclendon, "We're going to stay her and really create something beautiful in this area."


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