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Miami Proud: Skills teen learned in Coral Reef High School's medical program helped save his father's life

Miami Proud: Teen helped save father's life with medical training he learned in high school
Miami Proud: Teen helped save father's life with medical training he learned in high school 03:01

MIAMI -- The special bond between a father and son was taken to a new level.

"It felt unreal to me. I wasn't really emotional in the moment but after, when I got to call my dad, after he woke up in the hospital that same night, I got a little emotional, joy and relief," said Roberto Baez, as he reflected on the moment when he saved his father's life.

"I was playing Fortnite when I heard my mom scream. My heart dropped. She screamed like she was really scared. So I ran over to the bathroom and I saw my dad lying on the ground," he said.

It didn't look good, so Baez jumped into action applying the training that he recently learned at the cadet training program and through the Coral Reef High School medical program. 

"So I run back to my brother's room and told him to call 911. I went back and checked for a pulse, he didn't have a pulse, so I just started doing compressions. Straight adrenalin, muscle memory all that," he said. 

Baez's teacher Jorge Sanabria told CBS News Miami this is a lifesaving example of the importance of the training students learn through the school's medical program.

"I was proud that he was able to save his dad. What better way to use your skills than to save somebody," said Sanabria.

Through the program, students learn all about the cardiovascular system, CPR, emergency procedures as it relates to the heart, and all types of EKG testing.

They learn the fundamentals to pursue a future as a medical professional, setting them up to go to medical school, nursing school, or become a firefighter or EMT.

"These classes are wonderful for students to learn. Not only does it give them the education and knowledge to help people, but there is so much to do in the medical field that this is a good base," said Sanabria.

Baez's father is still recovering so he wasn't up for an interview just yet, but his son told CBS News Miami about the moment his father woke up and thanked his son for saving his life. 

"He just, he got emotional. He started crying when he woke up. I started messing with him when he woke up. I was like 'yeah, I saved you bro'.  I was messing with him and he started crying. He gave me a hug right after when he got home and stuff," said Baez.

Baez said what happened affirmed his decision to become a firefighter one day. He sends a special thank you to his teachers who taught him life-saving skills when he needed them the most.

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