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Shopping Guide For Last Minute Gifts

MIAMI (CBS4) – Still need to get a gift? You're running out of time!

For some people Christmas shopping is a chore. What do they get the person in their life that seems to have everything?

Brian Andrews hit the mall with one of South Florida's top retail analysts for a gentleman's guide to getting last-minute holiday shopping done right.

Cynthia Cohen said the big stores want to get into your wallet by getting into your head.

"It's psychology," said Cohen.

It's about getting you to slow down when you're in a store and one of the ways they do it is with the music they play.

"A retailer fits the music to the image of their brand and the time of day," said Cohen.

While there's a lot a gifting going on, Cohen said retailers have seen lots of self purchasers who aren't necessarily looking for a gift but for holiday party attire.

"The 'be seen' items and 'you haven't seen me in it before' item," said Cohen.

Gentlemen, unsure of what to get the lady in your life?

"You go for the accessory. The accessory is always safe," said Cohen.

Accessories like watches and costume, or statement, jewelry will work.

"It has to look like bling. It has to be fashionable, hopefully in the colors she likes," said Cohen. "Don't worry about the price, just wrap it really nice!"

It's also a big year for handbags, clutches and big bags.

"Got to fit the iPad if you're going to work, maybe a pair of shoes if you're taking public transportation, and yes, even your lunch," said Cohen.

And yes guys, the brand of the bag is very important to the woman in your life.

"How do you pick a car? You pick it by the brand. Are you what you drive?" asked Cohen. "Many women think I am the brand I carry."

Compare deals in store by doing a quick search on your smart phone, that's what Cohen said the smart shopper will be doing.

"She's checking comparable prices and will say I can get this somewhere else, 'What can you sell it to me for?'" said Cohen.

And if you're stumped on what to buy someone, don't just buy junk. Cohen said a gift card from a brand you know she loves will do just fine.

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