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Sexual Satisfaction Over 40

MIAMI (CBS4) - The flame in the bedroom hardly has to fizzle out as you age. Certainly Merle Weiss doesn't think so.

"I think sex is probably the greatest thing that was ever created," Weiss told CBS4's Cynthia Demos.

This wasn't always Merle's sentiment.

"I think if you love each other you love each other more than when you were 20."

Weiss wouldn't reveal her exact age, but says in the 40-years she's been with her husband... their sex life has gotten better.

"As the years go by, and you know the other person more and get to know yourself more, sex just gets better and better," Weiss explained.

Comfort, confidence and familiarity are all the things that help sex get better as we age. It's all from a study out of the University of California that says, grab those roses, maybe the candelabra and don't forget the music.

"It's fabulous," Weiss declared.

Weiss is hardly alone in her thoughts.

The study followed 800 women over 40-years old. It looked at all aspects of sex from desire to frequency and found out the majority said, sexual satisfaction increased as they age.

Sex therapist Dr. Rhonda Fine at the Miami Institute insisted that these findings didn't surprise her.

"When you hit midlife you decide, I want the rest of my life to count,  and part of that is enjoying sex," Fine said.

She explained that at midlife, you are much more relaxed, not to mention, you have more time, fewer distractions and your partner is more of a priority. Dr. Fine even said her client list is made up primarily of younger people seeking help... not older people.

"I think when you're younger you don't really know anything about sex," said Fine.

But what about hormonal changes as you age? What about disabilities or medical issues? That doesn't mean people can't have a joyous sex life and often times it's better. Weiss said that is true for her, even after she went through menopause.

"Don't be afraid of menopause. It's nothing, nothing. And your sex drive definitely doesn't go away."

With so many things that improve as you age, why not sex too? In another five or ten years... Weiss said that flame will be burning ever brighter.

"I hope it will be better and better."

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