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Seniors Line Up For Shot At Affordable Housing

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Hundreds of seniors lined up in Miami for a chance to get an affordable place to live.

St. Dominic Catholic Church is offering 200 units for low income seniors at an apartment complex on NW 7th Street and 58th Avenue.

The crowd waited for hours to apply, some even showed up over the weekend and slept in their cars.

"We've been here day and night and most of us have slept in our cars," said Betty Milia who had been waiting since Sunday.

People were tired and frustrated Tuesday morning as they waited for applications to get handed out.

Angry applicants say everything was chaotic and disorganized but they were willing to wait for even a slight chance they might get picked for housing assistance.

"This is old people. They need this... Miami high rent... they looking for something better," said Raysa Huaman who was waiting in line to get housing for her mother.

Police officers were called out for crowd control. During the mayhem, several people were taken to the hospital after fainting, another had their foot run over by a car.

"It's kind of scary. I've seen a lot of people get irritable and frustrated and fights and arguments for no good reason at all as you can tell it's just the pressure building up," said Milia.

We need, everybody need a house and we don't have a house," said Jorge Gonzalez who had been waiting since Sunday.

Overwhelmed by the enormous response, the Archdiocese decided to accept all applications and sent everyone home. Instead of first come first serve, they'll hold a lottery.

In about two weeks, applicants will get a letter in the mail letting them know what day the lottery will be held.


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