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Second-Largest Solar Roof In South Florida Capable Of Providing 100% Of Energy Needs For Building

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - The second-largest solar roof in South Florida is capable of providing 100 percent of the energy needed for the entire building.

The roof, at Costex Tractor Parts headquarters in Miami, includes more than 3,900 solar panels, which provides a 1.6-megawatt solar array.

Clint Sockman, vice president of Advanced Green Technologies, says it provides 100% of the energy needs for the building and is made to withstand the Florida weather.

"It's the Cadillac of roofing systems and solar arrays. We went through multiple building department permit reviews and education and it matches up with the demands here in South Florida. We have a lot of sun," said Sockman.

Sockman says the system is designed to provide the on-site needs, but if there is an overproduction of solar energy, it will be sent out through a net-metering agreement with Florida Power & Light.

This type of system is available for homeowners but on a much smaller scale.

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